Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today, im not going to pretend that i am not scared of being alone - i do but i know i always have God whenever i am alone. 

Im going to admit that it used to bother me, but its even more bothersome when people keep bothering bout it & reminding me on that fact as if ive never ried or choosy crap.

 I know im single but im not alone & tell u a secret,some who got married secretly wished they were single. who doesnt want to get married?

 I do - yes i really do but only for the right reason coz if i look for the wrong reason like im lonely and whatnot, i will never find the right guy.  I am happy & content being single, not being responsible of other people’s life except my family & myself.

 I love myself too much to be hurt again, i gave too much already, its time to love myself first before i love others. So until i find someone who is worth every pain to share a part of my life with,who can make me any happier than i am now - just stop asking that questions & focus on yours. 

Life is not about getting married & live happily ever after - its not a fairytale, you may not live happily ever after all the time after you get married. Instead,its about how you live before you return to God. So thank you for your concern but i can take care of myself, i have my family & God watching over me. 

And the next time you ask those questions again, im going to tell you that i have no answer for that because i am leaving that to God to answer it - so if u have anymore questions, ask God.

*walaupun single tapi tiap-tiap hari pegang phone main mesej dan call.. kahkahkah


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