Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my dream . .

ok firstly i realize that my blog is not like the other blog, full with their story, pitcha, and so on. but i tried to improve as good like them, so i must have the DSLR first plus with HD movie so that i can snap my own picture and video . . LIKE THEM ! :) yipie. by the way i really want to upload my video which is a singing video la, haha malu lah, so how a? hurm just forget it about them, just do it ! yeah . .
I've found one of this blog, Motel Rocks! ouh dear, she's so gorgeous! seriously . . look at the skirts, blouse, make up kit then with her dresses, :))))))) tertarik menarik and the bomb !!!
today was Wednesday, in the middle week, ouh i remember ! ! next week was a 'gaji time' yeha.. so can i buy another dress again??? please please please,,
*p/s i got offer yesterday from someone who can get me the cheaper BB lol ! i can tell anyone about this, but isnt true?? >.<"

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